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It really means fable official but I like functionary better.   

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Ms. Peck (aka AK Stein) began life with her head always in the realm of the weird. Her siblings wonder if there is a connection to the Roswell, NM, incident which occurred the allotted number of months prior to her birth. They wonder. She knows. Perhaps. . .

​Ezekiel Mayhill and the Crystal of God  You can get this book over at Amazon

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I have YA books here now, which are for the age group, I'd say, 16 on up.  

The Kids page has my Zeke Mayhill books and others for kids, ages 9 - 15.

My Young-uns page will have books for the youngsters prereaders to 8.

I have books on the Kids page, and now the YA page, but I will let you know when I get the others finished.

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​But one day, he saw an elf, and actual elf, looking up at him from under a Hosta leaf and now his whole world is turned upside down. What is he going to do now?

Eleven year old Zeke Mayhill didn't believe in magic. His sister Tam drove him nuts sometimes when she read to him from the books she would get at her favorite store. All about magical people.