I've been trying to write children's books for a long time now. Over 30 years, to be truthful. But I kept trying to write them in the science fiction genre. Now I know kids love scifi as much as adults do and so I should have been able to write them in that genre, but I couldn't let go of the aspects of my stories that would have made them work better in fantasy.

I had things like magical people I was trying to figure out how to put into my scifi stories. Didn't work very well. I got frustrated. Couldn't figure out what to do and still can't figure out why I couldn't figure that out. I mean, it should have been simple. I was supposed to be writing in fantasy instead. But it wasn't until I read the first 4 books of the Harry Potter series that I found that out.

I had been hearing a lot about the Harry Potter books ever since they came out, but I didn't get interested in them until the 4th one was published. By then, I was pretty well disgusted with my Zeke and Tam books, because I couldn't get them to work properly, so I decided then to buy the first 4 Harry Potter books to see why they were so popular. I found out, too. I fell in love. And then I got to thinking about my Zeke and Tam books.

The Harry Potter books showed me I should have been writing my books in the fantasy genre. When I did, everything I wanted in my books fell into place. I was ecstatic. My books became the Zeke Mayhill series. There will be 9 books in all in the series. I'm currently working on the 4th one. Now, did I copy JK Rowlings' fantasy format? You bet I did. How could I not? She became extremely successful and I want to be, also, but for more than one reason.

I read in a book called 'Muggles and Magic' by George Beahm, (can get this over at Amazon) that JK Rowlings inspired a young boy who suffered severe dyslexia to work harder at learning how to read. And this time he succeeded. All because he fell in love with her Harry Potter books. That is impressive and I want to do that. Can you imagine how wonderful that is? I'm going to keep trying.

I write in other genre for young people, too, and I will have those books listed here when I get them finished. I have a lot of them outlined already. I like writing in the paranormal, but I also like conventional YA romance stories, which I also have outlined. I will also have children's picture books here, too.

This is all I have for now. I will be getting more books written and added to my list so keep checking back to see what I have. For now. . .

Love and peace,