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I have YA books here now, which are for the age group, I'd say, 16 on up. 

The Kids page has my Zeke Mayhill books and others for kids, ages 9 - 15.

My Young-uns page will have books for the youngsters prereaders to 8.

I have books on the Kids page, and now the YA page, but I will let you know when I get the others finished.

Check out all my books, because I love entertaining you.

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                                                                       Living Thunder

Ms. Peck (aka AK Stein) began life with her head always in the realm of the weird. Her siblings wonder if there is a connection to the Roswell, NM, incident which occurred the allotted number of months prior to her birth. They wonder. She knows. Perhaps. . .

Magical  Writing

Gold Frame Books of magical stories

This is my icon as the Fable Functionary. (teller of tall tales)

It really means fable official but I like functionary better.    :)

I just use this to announce what I am working on.

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